PTS Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps you optimize your recruitment process so you can hire quality candidates quickly and efficiently while lowering costs, ensuring a good cultural fit and providing a better patient experience.

How Are You Finding Quality Candidates to Provide Exceptional Care?

Recruiting talented clinicians and non-clinical professionals to fill your healthcare staffing needs is essential to your organization’s success and patient outcomes. But with healthcare reform, workforce shortages and shrinking budgets, recruiting the best candidates is challenging. PTS RPO partners with you to augment your talent acquisition efforts and deliver a positive patient experience.

Benefits of Partnering with PTS RPO

  • 1.Quality talent: Access to the Michigan’s largest and most diverse network of healthcare professionals makes finding the right staff quicker and easier

  • 2.Cutting-edge strategies: Precision sourcing and recruitment tailored to your needs and geographies ensure access to passive, first – choice candidates

  • 3.Clinical expertise: A dedicated team with deep clinical expertise uses a quality of hire strategy, delivering candidates who contribute faster and stay longer

  • 4.Cost-savings: A team-based approach that leverages operational scale and sourcing technology to reduce contract labor, direct hire fees and overtime spend

  • 5.Risk mitigation: Industry and regulatory expertise and technological efficiency help you avoid cost of vacancies, bad hires and lost candidates

  • 6.Business agility: Ability to flex recruitment resources up and down while offering a “pay for performance” model helps minimize capital investments and fixed cost commitment

  • 7.Workforce strategy: Best practices and transparent metrics provide insight and data needed to establish efficiencies and optimize your talent acquisition process.

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